But why?

Buy from Dimsr.dk?

Well Tested

All our products have been tested in all conditions and places. A test process contains multiple months of testing typically half a year.

Top Quality

We only use the highest quality plastic and metal for your products. We use PETG which is a reusable material.

All of our bolts and nuts are made from high-quality stainless steel!

Danish company

We are a small company located in Scandinavia. North of Copenhagen.

All of our dimsr.dk Originals is produced in-house on our 2 3D Printers

Collection: Kayak And Sup

Explore the power of nature and innovation with our Kayak and SUP Collection, where performance meets the elements with 3D print

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Time to be Professional!

With our big network of Kayakrowers, trainers, and
SUPs, we have the option to create and test all products we sell. Every
product has been tested on the water and at all temperatures!

We have designed our products to suit all types of kayak rowers, from World Cup to the free-time rower

Kayak Addons and Modification