• High Quality Controll

    We only want the best for our customers. Therefore we check each 3D Print for imperfections and errors before it gets shipped

  • Worldwide Shipping

    We offer worldwide shipping. If you live in Denmark, we offer free shipping on orders over 599 DKK (80€) for the rest of the world 160€

  • 3D Printed Products

    We 3D print all our products in house on Prusas 3D printers.

    - Prusa MK3S+

    - Prusa Mini

We are working on getting Dimsr.dk Translated to danish. You might run into some very badly translations due to our automatic translation. If you find any mistakes, please contact us on hello@dimsr.dk.

Everything started with the WatchMount

On September 25th, 2019 we launched our WatchMount. Back then we only had a very simple website and you ordered it by filling out a formular on google forms. But luckily today it is much easier.

Still NOT convinced???

We got our WatchMount in the Danish Canoe and Kayak magazine back in 2020 where the WatchMount was reviewed. Read Anders Krintel's words and his thoughts, just click the button below

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Our Social Media

We are trying to update our Facebook profile a couple of times a month. We do accationly make giveaways, or give early discount codes.

We do also have our reviews on facebook, if you have bought a product from us we would highly appreciate you sharing your experience.