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"Join us in shaping the future of dimsr! 🌟 Become an ambassador and play a vital role in our journey to growth. Not only will you help us expand, but you'll also recive rewards.

As a dimsr ambassador, you'll earn 10% of the order value in store credit every time someone makes a purchase using your unique link or coupon code. It's a win-win!

Ready to make an impact while enjoying exclusive benefits? Join our ambassador program today and let's grow together!"

Benefits of becoming an ambassador

Receive Store credit

You will receive 10% of the order value, every time someone uses your link or coupon code. When you wish to cash out, mail us the amount you wish to get (min 50 DKK). Then we will proceed to give you a coupon code you can use at

Be the first to test new products

When we launch new products you could be one of the testers for a set product. The more sales you have, the higher you will be on the list.

Get exclusive offers and deals.

We want to thank you by giving our ambassadors exclusive deals and offers on our products.

Ambassador messenger chat

We will add you to our messenger chat where you are more than welcome to get in touch with other ambassadors and get a direct line to our CEO.

Your help is appreciated

We are truly amazed that you are here. We are a very small company that doesn't have a large budget to spend on ads. Therefore we choose to use the ambassador program. You will receive credits for your work, and we will get customers. It is a win-win.

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