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The 3D-printed WatchMount for kayaks is the perfect accessory for any kayaker. This compact and lightweight mount securely holds your watch in place, so you can easily keep track of time while you're out on the water.  The compact design of the holder is made so it won't get in the way of your movement! With a total height of 55 mm(With a Watch), it is surely the smallest Watch Holder on the market.

Made from durable and long-lasting PETG plastic, rust-free bolts, and nuts to make sure it will withstand the rigors of life on the water and hold a lifetime!
The WatchMount attaches easily to your kayak with a strong adhesive backing or with screws through the top of your kayak.
Whether you're a professional kayaker or just enjoy spending time on the water, the 3D-printed WatchMount is a must-have accessory.

You do not need to screw that WatchMount into your kayak. The strong adhesive that is already installed upon receiving and is more than enough to hold the WatchMonunt in place.

We tested the adhesive in 60 degrees celsius warm water for 24 hours and in negative 16 degrees celsius for 72+ hours!



We offer a 10-year warranty for all our Watchmounts Including Flag embedded Watchmount.

 Shipping Info

For products, that need customization (Name est.) the processing time is 1-3 Days
For Products that do not offer customization, or you did not choose it, the processing time is 1-2 Days.

Within Denmark Package (GLS or Postnord)  Estimated Delivered Within 2-4 Days
Within Denmark Letter  Estimated Delivered Within 4-14 Days
Within Europe Package (GLS)  Estimated Delivered Within 5-8 Days
Within Europe Letter  Estimated Delivered Within 7-14 Days
Rest of the World Letter  Estimated Delivered Within 15-30 Days


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Strengths of our WatchMount

You can fasten your watch in less than 5 seconds without it falling off!

Designed for marathon rowers who do not have time to stop!

Once put on, it does not fall off!

Tenical Information

Fits watch bands up to 28 mm in width

WatchMount Dimmensions: 33 mm x 80 mm

WatchMount Total Hight: 11,5 mm


What is included?

1 WatchMount

2 M4 x16 UH insex

WatchMount Backside for 2 M4 nuts.

+ Small bag with Bears

  • Longer Version

    A WatchMount with a +16 mm top. That means that even the heaviest watches like the Fenix 5 will hold its position so you can follow along on the watch face. We recommend this version if your watch is one of the bigger ones.

  • One Color Base Diffrent Color Text

    We do also make WatchMounts in two colors. This means that your text is much more visible. This is especially good if you want to show your
    kayak to others

  • Contrast Color

    White on Black, Blue on Red these colors match up very well. Something that isn't a good combination is Black and Dark grey, 2 colors that are close to each other don't look good. Make sure to choose the right color if you are considering getting a 2 Colored WatchMount.

  • Kayak Color

    Chose a color that fits your kayak. A Red Kayak with a Red Watchmount looks very sharp. Don't choose a color like Light Green. Those colors just don't match. But it is up to you.

  • It is up to You

    It is your kayak, and you can choose whatever color you wish. We recommend sticking with contrast colors or kayak colors.

  • Richard F

    I first bought a watch holder at Dimsr in April 2020. It was to sit on my fiberglass semi-kayak and it has done great ever since. It's a pleasure that the watch holder is not too high to sit in the way of a proper paddle roof or must use suction cups and leash. That's why I was extra happy when I won a new one for Amager Rundt 2023, which I could then put on my x-Lancer in mahogany. However, I was/am sore about having to drill it in, but the extremely durable adhesive on the underside of the watch holder meant that I could simply mount it without the use of bolts. Thank you for a good and recommendable product.

  • Karl H

    Watchmount is a really nice watch holder. The supplied screws were a little too short, but a request to Dimsr was answered immediately and I was sent some new screws free of charge. Nice customer service

  • Bjarne A

    Nice holder for the watch, so you can always check the time and speed

  • Martin J

    Had a desire to get the watch down on the deck rather than sitting in shoulder straps on the vest Have tried those suction cup things but don't trust that they will stay put. So random a post on the face where you could now get a "dims" Look it's right me Simple and easy installation At the same time I have made a name and phone number on it so you can see who it belongs to (both kayak and watch) I think it is smart. It is stuck with tape that is included but can also be screwed on Meen I will probably wait with that for if the tape doesn't continue to hold. At the same time, I guide the watch through the transverse elastic, so I at least have a chance to save the watch if an accident is out of the blue. Simple and smart

Placement is key!

We have noted on some kayaks that aren't fully flat on the top side, that the adhesive underneath the WatchMount may lift on one side. If this happens, please contact us so we can provide you with a solution. We are working on a better solution!

Watch our installation guide

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have to use screws to secure the Watchmount?

You don't need the screws for the watchmount to be secured place. The
screws are there to make sure the Watchmount stays on, even if you hit
it extremely hard. But the adhesive will hold it in place perfectly.

Can I place the Watchmount on the top edge of a kayak?

ATM unfortunately not, We are working on a solution to the problem.

How long time does it take for the Watchmount to be safely glued to the Kayak?

When you place the Watchmount on a Kayak, the tape will start to set, DO NOT
place it in water or move it for the first 4-6 Hours. The adhesive
needs time to properly sink in place.

Don't pull, push, twist or in any other way move the Watchmount in
the time period after placement. This can cause the adhesive to get

Can I remove the Watchmount afterward?

Yes, you can, but it is a time-consuming process. We recommend using a hair
dryer or a heat gun, to soften the adhesive. To do this, carefully heat
up the surroundings of the WatchMount, and carefully slide a sharp
hobby-knife blade under the WatchMount. Afterward, you will have spots
of adhesive left on the top. You can remove this with rubbing alcohol
and a dish cloth.

Can I get a WatchMount with a Logo?

You absolutely can. Contact us by mail: and we will take it from there.

Can i use a non-rubber band on my watch for the WatchMount?

Unfortunately not. The WatchMount is designed in a way, so the rubber band holds the
watch face in the correct position. A non-rubber band like metal would
not hold the position. We are working on a solution to this.

If you have any questions, contact us on