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WatchMount RE

WatchMount RE

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Our new WatchMount RE is designed to be, compact, functional, and safe to use. The big advantage of this watch holder over any other is the compact size. We have achieved a height of only 20mm (pressed on a kayak) with the smart integration of the 2 suction cups embedded inside the mount. We did not go the easy way regarding the design, the WatchMount RE has 2 integrated rust-free M4 nuts, so the suction cups will never get loose or fall out.

The one thing that sucks about suction cup-based watch holders is that they might get knocked off. With this in mind, we designed ours with an embedded safety line. When you receive your WatchMount RE the safety line is already installed and ready to go. Just screw in the 2 suction cups, and you are ready to go within 10 seconds!

When buying you have 2 options.

  • The Not Custom Version. This does not include any name and will be shipped within 2 Days due to non-production time.
  • The Custom Version. This includes up to 2 lines of text with 15 characters in each line. This is very useful to add personal touch or include information such as phone numbers or names. This version gets shipped out within 1-3 Days due to the custom 3D print.


We offer a 10-year warranty for all our Watchmounts!

 Shipping Info

For products, that need customization (Name est.) the processing time is 1-3 Days
For Products that do not offer customization, or you did not choose it, the processing time is 1-2 Days.

Within Denmark Package (GLS or Postnord)  Estimated Delivered Within 2-4 Days
Within Denmark Letter  Estimated Delivered Within 4-14 Days
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  • Suction cups

    We have chosen High Quality 40mm silicone suction cups with M4 screws. These will hold the watchmount RE without any problems and can carry all the heavy watches.

  • PETG Plastic

    Our original WatchMount is made in PETG plastic. Therefore we carried that onto the WatchMount RE. PETG has a high impact resistance and can survive many years of water and everyday use.

  • New Design

    The Cypertruck design helps the WatchMount RE to be the lowest Watch holder on the market. With only 55mm (With the watch installed) we can truly say it is the smallest WatchMount ever created.

  • Integreret Safety linje

    We didn't want to have a hook out from the side of the WatchMount RE. Therefor we made an internal channel where the safety wire can loop though. Never lose your watch again!

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Ultra Low Profile

With a normal height of only 44mm (25mm when compressed on a kayak), it is truly the smallest on the market. The smaller it is, the harder it is to knock it off.

Long! Not Wide!

All other designs on the market are placed across the kayak. This one sits along the kayak! You can therefore place it almost everywhere on your kayak!

Embedded Suction cups

With suction cups embedded inside the WatchMount RE, reduced the height of the holder. We have made a cutout in the sides of the mount to allow the suction cups to come out from the side and therefore reduce the height

M4 nuts inside the WatchMount RE

We chose to add 2 M4 rust-free nuts inside the WatchMount RE. Therefore we did not have to rely on the plastic to hold the suction cups.

Safety line integrated!

We have made a special safety line channel inside the WatchMount RE. This means that the safety line will never break off the mount, and come out from the front of the mount.

The line is already installed when you receive it.

Pros and Cons of our WatchMount RE



With a total height of only 55 mm and a footprint of 40*100 mm, it is for sure the smallest removable suction watch holder!


Charge your watch

It might not be important to many, but with our WatchMounts you can charge your watch, while it is in the mount. For fast quick charges while taking a break? We got you covered.



Due to the small design, it will not float in water. Therefore always use the safety line! and attach it to your rudder line or something else inside your kayak. We are working on a solution for this.

  • Jette B.

    My first impression was that it was nice and small in comparison to the watch holder that sits across the kayak and not along the sides like this one. I've used it on different kayaks, both touring and racing kayaks.

  • Louise J.

    "I started out with some skepticism after attaching the watch, as I thought the angle of the watch was very steep. However, this changed when the watch was mounted on the kayak and I was in the boat. Overall, it is a good product if you need to use the watch actively during your trip or training. It's easy to mount on the kayak and remove it again, and it can sit on different surfaces without problems. It is challenging when hanging on in strong wind and when waves break over the kayak, but the safety line is great so you don't lose the watch along the way. It is easy to mount again after being off the kayak

  • Rasmus M.

    I am a huge fan of the WatchMount RE and think it sits really well on the kayak. I really like that you don't have to take the holder off the kayak every time you need to take the watch off or put it on, you can just slide the watch strap through and the watch stays in place. I've tested it in rough waves that hit the kayak and it just stayed in place, so overall an amazing product and I can't find any flaws with it.

  • Tommy N.

    After a month of kayaking trips between Svanemøllen and Skovshoved Harbor, it was time to charge the watch, so I took it out of the WatchMount. I could see that the suction cups were still securely in place. Great product.

What is included in the package

  • 1 WatchMount RE
  • 1 Safty Line (Already installed)
  • 1 carabiner (already installed on the safety line)
  • 1 Gummy Bear package


Does it work in the Winter?

The WatchMount RE does work somehow in the
winter. When the suction cups get cold they won't suck as well, so keep
your WatchMount RE worm until you need it. If you plan to take a lot of
trips in the winter, we recommend getting our original WatchMount

Where to place it?

We recommend doing a few tests beforehand. Some kayakers hit the side of the kayak when rowing and can therefore knock any watch holders off. We, therefore, recommend placing it as close to the center as possible.

What if something breaks?

If something on your WacthMount RE breaks we offer a free replacement if it is an accident. We offer 10 Years of warranty for the body of the WatchMount and a 1-year warranty for the suction cups. We do not offer any warranty on the safety line and carabiners.

If something breaks, contact us, as soon as possible. We will offer you a solution to fix your problem.

Can i get spareparts?

We do ofcause offer spare parts for all our custom products. This includes New Base, New suction Cups, a New carabiner, and a New safety line.

You can buy these under products -> spare parts

If you have any questions, contact us at