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Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag

Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag

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This product is an essential thing to have with you when you go camping or take a trip in your kayak. The emergency sleeping bag can save your life at some point. The size of the bag folded together is only 10x8x4cm so it almost fits in your pocket.

Keep it in your kayak at all times, you never know when you're gonna need a sleeping bag. It works by reflecting your heat and keeping your semi-worm inside. It's not a comfortable experience, but you will survive. Perfect if you or your friend falls in ice-cold water and needs heating up ASAP!

Please do not fold it out except when you need it, it is very tightly packed and you might not be able to get it back into the bag. We made that mistake when testing.

Weight: 115 grams.

Comes in a bright orange bag with a robe so you can mount it to your rudder line in the kayak.

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