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Name Tag Mounting Options

Name Tag Mounting Options

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Please note: if you buy multiple name tags, then get the same amount of mounting options. This product is only one unit!

Enhance your product's versatility with our mounting options for our different name tags. We offer four choices to suit every need:

  1. Paracord: A rugged and versatile choice, perfect for your backpack (You will have to tie a knot)

  2. Metal Wire: For a touch of durability and style, our metal wire option adds a sleek and modern look to your name tag.

  3. Carabiner: Keep your name tag handy with our convenient carabiner attachment. Quickly clip it onto your backpack, belt loop, or gear, making it accessible and secure.

  4. Keychain Ring: A classic choice for everyday convenience. Easily attach your name tag to your keys, bag, or anything you desire.

Choose the perfect mounting option to complement your product, ensuring that your name tag is securely fastened and ready for any adventure.

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