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Keychain Nametag

Keychain Nametag

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Do you find yourself juggling an array of keys and an overwhelming assortment of house keys? It's time to simplify your life. With this simple 3D-printed nametag, you have the freedom to customize and label your keys with ease.

This double-sided nametag offers a range of practical applications for a more organized and efficient daily routine. You can customize the information on each side to suit your needs.

Applications ideas

  • Car Number Plate: Have you ever struggled to identify which key belongs to which car in your household? With this nametag, you can mark each key with the corresponding car's number plate.
  • Key Identification: Have you ever fumbled through a collection of indistinguishable keys, desperately trying to figure out which one opens a specific door or lock? This nametag allows you to label your keys clearly, making it a breeze to identify their purpose.
  • Your Kayak NFC Chip: For you who have multiple NFC tags in your clubs. No more confusion about which key corresponds to your club's doors.
  • Phone Number for Lost Keys: We've all experienced the panic of misplacing our keys. With this nametag, you can add your phone number as a backup contact.

The flexibility of this nametag doesn't stop there. You can also use it for any other purpose that suits your needs. Whether it's marking the keys to your house, office, or padlock, this nametag allows you to customize it according to your unique requirements.

Due to a color swap while printing the price for a single unit is quite high. It is therefore cheaper to buy 3 because we have to do the color swap either way

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