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Backpack Name Tag

Backpack Name Tag

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Travelers on the move, say goodbye to flimsy paper tags! Our custom backpack name tag is your must-have companion for frequent adventures. It features your name, phone number, full address, and country printed on the back. Keep your backpack safe no matter where your journeys take you.

We recommend getting them in 2 colors, so it is easier to identify once found. But do not choose black on black, that is just a waste of money.

If you would like to order for your whole family, we have added an automatic discount, so buy 3 with different names and the 4th is on us, Buy more and save 25%. if you encounter problems with the discount, please contact us before ordering.




How to order:

  1. Choose how many name tags you want, 1,2,4 or 5
  2. Choose your first line: Name
  3. Choose your second line: Phone number
  4. Choose your third line: Adress
  5. Choose your fourth line: City
  6. Choose your backside text: Contry?
  7. Choose a base color, this is the color the country part will be printed in. In the exampel above, the base color is black.
  8. Choose if wanted, the second color, see nametag in the pictures, black nametag with red text. Dont waste your money and buy a black nametag with a black text.
If you dont choose any text color, the whole nametag will be printed in the base color
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