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Plank Hook

Plank Hook

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A plank hook is a small, lightweight tool used for hanging items from the boards of a terrace or deck. It consists of a slender, curved piece of metal with a hole in the top and a pointed end. To use the hook, you simply push it down between the boards of your terrace and twist it to secure it in place. The pointed end helps to hold the hook firmly in place, while the hole in the top allows you to easily attach a string to hang items from the hook. This gadget can be used to hang a variety of items, such as plants, lanterns, decorations, or a tarp as we have done.

Tested to hold up to 125 kg (from a single robe with no hard pulls, slowly adding more weight)

Disclaimer: We ran out of orange paracord. All orders from 2023 Batch 1 come with a yellow paracord.

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