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Boruit V1 Mini Flashlight

Boruit V1 Mini Flashlight

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The Boruit V1 is a tiny flashlight that fits perfectly in your pocket. Don't get fooled by the small size, this light outputs 400 lumen which is more than plenty to light up a room.

This light is perfect for carrying in your backpack, pocket, or car for an emergency.


200 mAh Built-in battery

Charges with: UBS C

Charging time: 50 minutes

Rating: IPX6 (Not waterproof but heavy rain proof)

Size: 73*18*16 mm

Weight: 18 grams

Beam distance: 100 meters

Light Colors: White, Red, Warm White, UV and Red/Blue


How to operate the light:

Long press: Turbo mode

2 short presses, then 1 press to step up: Low light -> Medium -> High -> Turbo.

3 short presses, then 1 press to step up: White -> White Flash -> UV -> Red -> Red Flash -> Warm White -> Red/Blue Flash

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